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Your Fool-Proof Guide to Moisturisers

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Last updated: 1.51pm, Thursday 19th May 2016 by PureLogicol Editor

A moisturiser is essentially a hydrating cream that is there to replenish and retain precious water in your skin, isn’t it? So why is it so hard at times to select one and why can it get so complicated to find one that is just perfect for you?

When it comes to moisturisers, you basically have three key groups on ingredients: emollients that lubricate the surface of the skin, humectants that add and help retain moisture within skin and preservatives, which despite their bad rap, simply act to keep your product in pristine condition.
Frankly, the above roles are typically fulfilled by very well-known and basic chemical components. Glycerin, urea and lanolin are typically engaged in the above basic functions.
Because a truly outstanding moisturiser will aim to deliver more than basic hydration and a smooth surface immediately post-application. A truly good cosmetics product will also deliver an anti-ageing cocktail to your skin that will help repair and protect it from existing and future damage. This is where vitamins, powerful anti-oxidants and other interesting lab-grade ingredients come into play.

Take Purelogicol super antioxidant Moisturiser, for instance. In addition to hyaluronic acid, which everybody and their dog knows helps hydrate the skin it has a host of useful ingredients to help you look your best. Vitamins A, C, E, F are powerhouse Antioxidants that do anything from reverse photo damage to boost cellular regeneration. Furthermore, the cream contains sun protection, as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as sweet orange oil. And if that was not enough, Trylagen, an active peptide known to boost collagen production is one of the key ingredients.
So in addition to delivering immediate comfort to dehydrated skin, the moisturiser replenishes your innate hydration levels and works on the cellular level to reverse multiple signs of ageing and damage, while boosting your skin’s defence against any future assaults.

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