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With the power of Dragon!

Last updated: 4.44pm, Monday 17th July 2017 by PureLogicol Editor

Native to Mexico, Central and South America, dragon fruit is a tropical, delicious superfood with various benefits for your body.

Dragon fruit contains flavonoids and flu-fighting Vitamin C, which is great for the immune system. Moreover, it contains more Vitamin C than a carrot and ranks high on the antioxidant list. The micronutrients in dragon fruit are also impressive.

Dragon fruit contains a good bit of fibre which can help with the morning bowel movement, as well as with stabilizing blood sugar levels. This can work as a good way of prevention diabetes.

These Antioxidants may be awesome at keeping the inside of the body in good order, but they have another secret too! They do a great job keeping the skin tight and firm, while having nourishing and wound healing properties.

Overall, dragon fruit offers a youthful appearance both from inside and outside. You will find its beneficial action in Purelogicol’s Triple Helix Collagen Boosting Mask.

Let this rejuvenating tri-peptide face mask rejuvenate, tighten and brighten your skin with the power of dragon fruit!

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