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Winter Skin Survival Guide

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Last updated: 5.25pm, Thursday 3rd December 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

Winter is a beautiful time of the year. The abundance of holidays, accompanying gifts, endless social events, family ‘get-together’ opportunities (if you like the gifts, you have to love these, too!), game nights and comfort foods…Need we go on?

Sadly, winter is also the time our bodies feel their weakest. Whether it is due to less sunshine, lack of fresh produce in our diet, less active lifestyles, or something else but our health is often on the brink of a crisis in winter. After all, most people get ill during winter, when the temperatures are at their lowest.

Our skin does not only readily reflect what is happening on the inside but has some concerns of its own in these cooler months. The last of the summer glow eventually dissipates through fall, leaving us with duller complexions and rougher skin textures, as a bare minimum.

Nevertheless, we need not cover up our mirrors until spring, waiting tentatively for better times ahead. We can take matters into our own hands and act.

First and foremost, hydration is key. This is the time to swap your light-textured moisturizer for heavier duty tools. Make sure the product is suitable for your skin type but step up the nourishment. If you are attached to your day cream for life, supplement it with hydrating serums, as an alternative.

The above is not limited to your face.

Keep your lip balm handy and make sure you re-apply frequently throughout the day, as well as before bedtime. Invest in a heavier hand cream to keep your knuckles crack-free.

Consider using body oils, instead of your usual lotion, applying while the skin is still moist. Note that firming formulas are often less nourishing than their moisturizing counterparts.

Exfoliation is ever more important now to reveal brighter skin. Whether you like physical sloughing or fancy enzyme-based peels, winter is the time to boost it. Exfoliate at least twice a week – always ensuring the formula you use is right for your face – to boost collagen and elastin production.

This may seem counter-productive, in light of the previous tip, but winter is the time to ease up on the cleansing. Your usual wash-off cleanser may be stripping the skin off the last of its moisture in January, though it feels so refreshing in August. Makeup removal aside, now is a good time to consider a more nourishing cleanser with an oil-based or creamy formula. A good option is the Purelogicol Tri-Peptide Deep Cleanser.

“You are what you eat” is a universally accepted truth. As far as your winter skin is concerned, you want to be fats and water.

Do not panic, step away from the lasagne and let us explain.

Eating “good fats”, such as Omega-3’s, in form of sardines, salmon, canned light tuna, various nuts and flaxseed will deliver smoothness to your skin from the inside. Whereas, drinking lots of water is common sense all year-round but in the season of central heating, drying winds and abundance of heavy foods it becomes a necessity. Now if water is not your favourite in winter or otherwise, remember: coffee and tea are dehydrating but herbal infusions can count towards your daily intake.

And this wraps up your winter skin survival guide for the coming month. Let the holiday countdown begin!

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