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Ultimate Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

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Last updated: 12.46pm, Friday 11th December 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

Today’s article is for those that like the thrill of last minute gift shopping. We decided to take the guesswork out of the process for you and provide a handy beauty gift guide to suit most occasions and budgets.

1. Budget beauty gifts

Whether you are a “Secret Santa” at the office, or need to produce a small gift for an acquaintance or even a client – there are plenty of reasons why you may need to keep the budget reasonable.

If you suspect your beneficiary is even remotely interested in personal grooming, you can never go wrong with a revolutionary cleansing product, the Konjac sponge. Many brands produce a version of this popular Asian beauty tool, which promises to unveil your best skin yet, requiring nothing more than daily use with or without your favourite cleanser in a similar manner as you may use a washcloth.

If the subject of your gifting is a makeup fan, why not help them organize their beauty stash in an elegant and functional way? The market is bursting with creative makeup storage solutions that are so well thought through; you would think NASA engineered them. Such storage solutions have the capacity to stock dozens of lipsticks, handfuls of blushes, more than a fair share of foundations and more and still possess the most sleek and minimalistic design. A functional and aesthetically pleasing gift is always a winner in our books.

2. Mid-range beauty gifts

There are times that call for heavier artillery and we have a few ideas on that front, too.
Most of us have an established skincare routine that we stick to, yet we only pamper ourselves on ‘special occasions’. Help make such occasions more frequent by gifting a potent, yet luxurious skincare add-on, such as a specialized mask. This can be a treatment pack of Korean or Japanese sheet masks, currently making all the noise in the beauty editors’ circles, or a stand-alone luxury product that is as potent, as it is visually pleasing, e.g. Purelogicol Triple Helix Collagen Boosting Mask.

For anybody that wears makeup a full brush set is always a welcome addition. Many specialist brands come out with brush kits, containing anything between 5 and 20 tools at a time. The makeup brands are innovative, using natural fibres, as well as special synthetic materials, producing eco-friendly and cruelty-free ranges. A gift that is both decadent, yet functional is a good gift indeed.

3. Luxury beauty gifts

When it comes to close friends, family or partners, you want to up the ante and be the best Santa you can be. Here is how…

We all wash our faces on a daily basis but most of us do not maximise the potential of this simple procedure. Electronic facial cleansing brushes kill two birds with one stone and are all the rage now. They help you cleanse thoroughly and improve blood circulation by stimulating the blood flow. Moreover, the best part is – you barely have to move yourself.

What is more luxurious than jewellery? Jewellery scented with a bespoke perfume. Perfume houses and designers alike have been producing such hybrid accessories for some time now and they have perfected both ingredients in the process. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and charms can all be customised to carry your signature scent of choice.

And this sums up our ultimate Christmas beauty gift guide, curated for you to take the hassle out of gift giving this year.

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