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Skin ageing: beware of the enemies

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Last updated: 2.14pm, Tuesday 27th October 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

Everyday habits such as eating food with preservatives, frequent prescriptive drug use and smoking, result in premature ageing of your skin which creates wrinkles, spots and ageing signs on your face and body.

Premature ageing

In most cases, premature skin ageing is caused by sun exposure and smoking.
Solar radiation is responsible for the activation of destructive free radicals and harmful skin enzymes, while thick, rough and pale skin can be an indication of photo aging.

Nicotine also reduces the good blood supply to the skin and therefore affects its look. When in contact, additional toxic products contained in smoke can damage the outer layers of the skin. With smoke absorption and penetration, your skins collagen and elastic fibers reduce causing all kinds of ageing signs.

Premature skin ageing is caused mainly by the following factors:

1. Solar Radiation

2. Smoking

3. Continuous changes in body weight

4. Environmental pollution

5. Infections (such as dental, etc.)

6. Lack of exercise

7. Increased drug consumption

8. Sleep disorders

9. Chronic stress

10. Exposure to very low temperatures

11. Consumption of foods that have been boiled for too long or contain preservatives

Hormonal ageing

Internally, chronologically programmed skin ageing comes with reduction of all body organ functions. Particularly in women around 50, with the pause of estrogen function, skin atrophies, looses and wrinkles. It gets dull and becomes inelastic and hairy – that’s when we start talking about hormonal aging. Genetic factors, however, appear to play an essential role in the quality of the skin when ageing.

In order to prevent your skin from ageing too fast there’s many things you can do. After “facing” the enemies stated, you can bring your skin to its former glory by increasing its collagen levels. This way, you help counteract the effects of collagen depletion by stimulating fibroblast activity to produce new collagen for your skin!

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