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Office Christmas Party Survival Guide

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Last updated: 4.49pm, Monday 21st December 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

This time of the year is the most wonderful one, indeed. Family dinners morph into drinks with friends and it does not stop there.

The corporate holiday do is probably the most perilous of the holiday parties out there. Naturally, you curb your enthusiasm and good spirits and tread carefully to avoid overstepping the line in front of your boss, no matter how jolly he is. At the same time, you do want to be a good sport and lead your team by example, letting them soak in the team spirit. But most importantly, you are likely due to appear back at the office the following day, seriously deprived of sleep and possibly having to hold meetings and power through the year-end deadlines.

We certainly can’t help you restrain yourself on the dancefloor or keep you away from the karaoke machine but we can help you ensure that the tell-tale signs of a late night are truly well concealed.

Your mantra for the night is “I must stay hydrated”. No matter how tempting it is to quench your thirst with more wine, keep a glass of water handy and try to match each unit of alcohol you drink with an equivalent in H2O. It will not affect your mastery of the dance moves but it will do wonders for you the day after.

Upon waking up in the morning, resist the temptation to indulge yourself with coffee. You want to keep the hydration up and coffee is a notorious dehydrator. Green tea is just as potent of an energizer, yet will have the added benefit of helping your system flush out the toxins.

Additionally – and we cannot stress this enough – do have more water than you think you can fit in.

Forget the myth of the omnipotent greasy breakfast, as extra fat will do nothing your hangover but will make you lethargic before that 10 am client meeting. Stick to foods low in salt and fats, as your body is terribly busy trying to work all the excess sugar (i.e. alcohol) out of your bloodstream.

Your puffy eyes will benefit from a cold compress, followed by warm tea bags application. Apply a rich cream – “brownie” points, if the cream was in the fridge overnight – before lining your eyes with a skin-coloured eyeliner pencil to offset the redness. Skin coloured pencil in the waterline is a lot less obvious than the white is, yet gets the job done.
Makeup should be minimal, as dehydration will cause havoc on your skin and makeup is sure to exasperate the dry patches. However, you might not be able to skip concealer on this day. This might need your “A-game”, as it bodes well to apply a peach-coloured corrector before the usual concealer. The peach tone will cancel out the dark circles, while the usual light concealer will add brightness to the face.

Remember that cold compress for your eyes? Extend the curtesy to your face, as it is highly likely that your skin is irritated in its entirety. Soothing toners, containing aloe or camomile for instance, will help tone down the inflammation and a hydrating cream is an absolute must. If redness is still an issue, you may want to consider a CC-cream or a makeup primer with a slight green tint, to offset the redness.

So there goes our office Christmas party survival guide, or as you may wish to call it – “cheat-sheet to hiding your indiscretions”. Tis’ the season to be jolly, after all!

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