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Night habits that affect your skin

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Last updated: 12.56pm, Saturday 4th July 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

Your favorite relaxing shower at the end of the day may not be as good as you think! There are some night habits that you certainly did not expect to cause damage to your skin. Don’t worry, we present to you the basic habits that accelerate the aging process, along with the right alternatives so that you can sleep carefree!

- Face cleansing
Have you noticed that if you put a little cleansing lotion onto a cotton pad and cleanse your face, the cotton pad will be a beige color, implying that your skin ultimately is not as clean as you think? Often, a basic cleansing product will not completely clean your skin. You should use a foaming face wash to make sure it is completely and properly cleansed.

- The right products
The cleanser you use in the morning should be different to the one you use in the evening. Why? In the evening you need an oil based product to prepare your skin to revive during sleep.

- Don’t leave your phone next to your pillow
When you take your phone to bed, you are in fact transferring bacteria from your mobile to your “just cleaned-ready for bed” face. If you absolutely must say goodnight to your partner or best friend, choose hands free mode. In any case, you should limit the use of your phone in bed to the minimum.

- Sleep and hair
A silk scarf is perfect to grab a simple ponytail, pulling your hair back so that all these remnants of styling products you use do not go on your face.

- Night shower
That hot, relaxing shower may be the favorite part of your day but does it last longer than it should? A long, hot shower is not so good for your skin as extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold can cause an imbalance in your skin and leave it completely dehydrated. Try to reduce the shower time to five minutes or alternatively reduce the high water temperature.

Add those simple steps to your night habits and you will see how a simple routine can affect your look, give you a much younger looking skin and hydrate it at the same time.

For even better results, you should use products that increase your skins collagen to help combat the visible signs of ageing from within and at the same time improve skin moisture and elasticity. Feel good, look good… because beauty comes from within!

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