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Last year’s Strangest Beauty trends

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Last updated: 4.02pm, Friday 15th April 2016 by PureLogicol Editor

Spring always brings to mind rejuvenation, awakening and with it comes the desire to improve and enhance our looks. Be it a new haircut or a new makeup palette, you are guaranteed to want to change something up in the spring months. Today, we wanted to run through some of the beauty trends of the past year or so, which really made an impact on social media, to generate ideas for your next beauty overhaul. And frankly, because some of them are nothing short of shocking, to have a good chuckle or two…So stay tuned for the strangest beauty trends of 2015 (and 2016, for some).

Red Lipstick for Concealer
You may or may not have seen beauty tutorials that have taken the battle against signs of fatigue around your peepers to a whole new level. Basically, if you are still wondering whether you need a colour corrector and a separate concealer on top to disguise your dark circle, you are lagging behind. Beauty gurus now use red or orange lipstick to cancel out the darkness, layering skin-toned concealer on top and setting it all with powder, as one might expect. The process is not for those that are short on time but is nevertheless looking to be highly effective, if YouTube is to be believed.

“Baking” (or “Cooking”)
This refers to layering concealer and powder on top of it in very thick layers, over and over again, until it literally sits on top of your skin in the manner of a certain building material. Your body temperature takes over and literally “cooks” the concoction, ensuring it fills in and crystallizes over any lines and cavities of your skin, not to budge again.

This technique is also frequently used to accentuate the sharp contour along the jawline and cheekbones, making a stark contrast with the darker areas. This trick was originally used in drag show makeup.

If it sounds terrifying, it is because it is and nobody can say it looks natural in real life. But your selfies will be flawless.

All jokes aside, this one is actually a God-send for those that are terrified of, or simply can’t come to grips with contouring.

Instead of using chalky powders or bright orange concealers and foundation to mimic shadow for your chiseled jawline and cheekbones, you use highlighters to draw attention to the raised points of the face.

The technique is not in itself new, as for as long as there were highlighter pens, they were used for this same purpose. However, nowadays you have a wider plethora of products from shimmering powders to liquid glow-giving potions to apply to the tops of your cheeks, “Cupid’s Bow”, bridge of the nose and brow bones.


Asian beauty industry is always serving as inspiration to the West. As far as skincare goes, Japan and Korea are so popular that they gave rise to the aforementioned hashtag. When the Asian beauty industry churns out a new product or trend, the world stops and listens.

That is unless the trends being imparted on us are borderline practical jokes. Apparently, the latest trend among our Japanese beauty addicts is to mimic the red-rimmed eyes of a flu victim, using actual makeup products, such as pink blush and red eyeshadow.

The Korean beauty world has taken another step into the realm of “barely understandable” and propagate the “sleep deprived” look, complete with specialized products to create under-eye bags.

We will gladly buy up all the sheet masks the Far East sends us but perhaps will skip on the signs of the late night fender-bender.

And that sums up the strangest beauty trends of the last year in our latest beauty blog post. Now, where was that de-puffing eye cream…

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