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Keep it cool baby!

Last updated: 2.36pm, Wednesday 26th July 2017 by PureLogicol Editor

Summer means heat and sweating, not to mention the dryness of the skin. Under the hot sun of the summer period, one important thing you need to know is how to look after the skin properly, so it looks fresh and vibrant all the time.

Using a good sunscreen is important, of course. However, sometimes sun protection is not enough for your skin during summer. You need to take proper care.

A face mist is ideal to carry with you at any place. A simple homemade cucumber mist recipe with the liquid of a cucumber, 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of mint juice, 1/2 cup of rosewater, all blended together and then poured into a spray bottle, is a wonderfully way to cool and sooth the skin from sunburns, dry weather or during a menopausal hot flush.

As far as face treatment is concerned, you can always find cucumber’s beneficial properties in Purelogicol’s Intelligent Toner. Its cooling formula gently removes traces of cleanser, refines pores and helps restore the skin's pH level.

Keep it cool and enjoy summertime!

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