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Fight ageing with the power of antioxidants

Last updated: 6.10pm, Tuesday 14th November 2017 by PureLogicol Editor

Antioxidants are natural substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage. This is why they come up frequently in discussions about good health and preventing diseases. Antioxidants include dozens of food-based substances you may have heard of before, such as carotenoids like beta-carotene, lycopene and Vitamin C.

Antioxidants are frequently found in fresh fruits and vegetables we eat and they prohibit the oxidation of other molecules in the body.

According to scientific research, Antioxidants have important benefits for your skin, as well. They slow down ageing of the skin, eyes, and tissue. Moreover, they help your skin look healthier, more youthful and glowing. Antioxidants offer important detoxification support.

Taking all the above into consideration, Purelogicol created the super antioxidant Moisturiser SPF 15. This innovative formula combines active peptides and proteins clinically proven to boost collagen synthesis. It visibly reduces wrinkles, rehydrates and nourishes for a more youthful complexion. Its antioxidant protection is one more reason why you should definitely make it part of your everyday beauty treatment!

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