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Eyebrows on Point

Last updated: 1.27am, Wednesday 15th November 2017 by PureLogicol Editor

For the last years, eyebrows have been in the spotlight: they can make a face pretty or ugly, fresh or tired. Whether they are thick or thin, all we can do is fill them in to give them the best shape; and still we are not satisfied because we think that they look fake. Well, don’t lose hope: there’s a lot of room for improvement with specific treatments and products.

The first thing to do is applying a scrub onto the area, so that your eyebrows are nice and ready to absorb maximum moisture. Then use the magical ingredient that will make them grow shiny and thick: castor oil; it’s easy to apply a few drops of it with a cotton swab or a small brush – you should do it every night before going to sleep, for no less than 15 days. Or you can choose Aloe Vera, a great natural ingredient, which also helps blood circulation at a micro-level and is great as an anti-aging treatment.

Need something stronger than that? Certain supplements will help hair thicken and repair. Try Purelogicol’s Hair & Nails Revitalising Supplement, which contains vitamin B, an important ingredient for hair regrowth. Good luck!

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