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Anti-aging power foods for your skin

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Last updated: 12.44pm, Sunday 26th July 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

Your diet keeps your body slim and healthy. But have you ever considered that not all foods have a good impact on your skin?
We gathered the Top Anti-aging Power Foods that give your skin a youthful, healthy and beautiful look.

- Sweet potato
Very rich in vitamin A, sweet potatoes protect cells from free radicals and contribute significantly to the prevention of skin cancer. They also contain Vitamin C which increases the production of collagen, the main structural protein necessary to keep your skin soft, healthy and young.

- Chocolate
If you love chocolate, then we have great news for you! Despite the myth, chocolate does not cause acne but it actually helps your skin. Thanks to flavonols, chocolate - and especially dark chocolate - helps your skin to remain healthy and radiant. Just… enjoy in moderation, because it contains a lot of calories!

- Yogurt
Yogurt is an excellent source of protein that keeps your skin firm and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Choose a plain, white yogurt in opposition to one with fruit, because this usually contains sugar.

- Salmon
Salmon is extra rich in vitamin D which helps your brain’s memory and cell function and improves your heart, bones and intestines’ health. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids that hydrate your skin from within.

- Spinach
Spinach contains vitamin E, ferrum, folate, vitamin A, Vitamin C and vegetable protein which are all essential to your skin’s health. In addition, it is very rich in Antioxidants which prevent skin problems.

- Red peppers
A single red pepper has more than 100% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. It also has high levels of vitamin B6 and carotenoids that help prevent wrinkles and acne.

- Sunflower seed
Full of vitamin E, sunflower seeds are very important as they protect your skin from the daily habits that may damage its youthful look. You can enrich your salads or breakfast cereals with sunflower seeds or you can eat a handful as a very healthy snack. Beware, though: choose unsalted sunflower seeds because salt is not good for your skin.

You can always improve your skin’s look by adding some extra collagen, either from within or as a moisturizer.

A pure collagen supplement, combined with a proper diet, can make you look younger and help combat the visible signs of ageing. Choose a moisturizer for your everyday beauty routine for both soft and youthful skin!

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