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5 steps to protect your hair ageing from the sun

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Last updated: 1.23pm, Saturday 13th June 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

Sunny day, salty sea and breezy wind… on one hand you have the ideal vacation set and on the other hand you have the most difficult challenges your hair can come up against. Dryness, dehydration and color that fades are the most common challenges. Take the following quick and easy precautions, enjoy your time in the sun and watch your hair get younger, brighter and healthier!

Here are the 5 Top steps to healthy, younger hair:

1. UV rays will strip hair of moisture and shine. Choose a deep hydration shampoo and don’t forget to use conditioner every day. Alternatively, you can use special moisturizing hair masks, which don’t need to be removed after application.

2. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Each time you expose yourself to the sun, your hair gets dried out. Its shine, volume and youth are reduced. Make sure you put on your sunscreen and apply regularly, like you would do for your skin.

3. Before diving into the sea or the pool, remember to wash your hair with natural water so that they don’t absorb any salt or chlorine. Your hair will open and soak up this water, rather than the chlorine or salt-filled water you’re about to dive into. The same applies when you come out of the sea or the pool. For maximum care and protection, you can simply give your salty hair a quick touch-up with a light, after sun conditioner.

4. Use a moisturizing hair mask at least 2 times per week and don’t forget to leave it on for at least 5 to 6 minutes and then wash it-off really well. This will give your hair the extra light touch it needs to regain health and shine!

5. Last but not least, try to let your hair dry naturally and avoid the over-use of hair dryers and straighteners. Let your hair breathe from intense styling. If you want to tie your hair into a ponytail or a cute chignon, try to bind it a little loose, otherwise you may cause the hair to tear up and lose its elasticity.

For extra care, extra youth and extra shine, give your hair a nutritional boost from within, and increase your collagen levels. Add the "Hair & Nails Revitalizing Supplement" to your daily beauty regimen and give yourself the best anti aging care! It nourishes from within to support the existing hair growth cycle and improves overall hair and nail health, visibly reduces your hair's weakness and dehydration. Give yourself the beautiful, strong and thick hair that you deserve by starting from the very basics, because beauty starts from within!

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