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5 habits that cause skin ageing

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Last updated: 4.33pm, Friday 7th August 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

Your skin needs everyday care to look fresh and radiant. There are many habits that cause skin ageing. We gathered the top 5 that “fast forward” the ageing process.

Sun bathing without sunscreen
With so many researches and studies done about the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin, you would think that everyone would use sunscreen when exposed to the sun. It doesn’t matter if your skin is just tanned and not burned. The sun does long-term damage to your skin, puts it at risk for melanoma and makes it age faster.

The loose posture of the body
Slouching for a long period of time may cumber your spine. In addition, the less you hunchback the more your muscles look tight and strong. Studies show that people who tend to slouch give a bad image of themselves and their body and appear as insecure to third parties.

The cigarette
If you have not yet realized, the cigarette is extremely harmful even if you reduce it. It causes more long-term health problems than you can imagine including lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. But apart from chemicals, toxins and carcinogens, tobacco smoke goes into your face, clogs pores, may cause skin stains and makes it look tired and aged. Also, smoking dries your skin and deprives it of any natural moisture

Constantly touching your face
By touching your face during the day, you transfer dust and bacteria from your hands. You then become prone to infections and cause your skin to look anything but fresh and healthy.

Excessive alcohol consumption
Alcohol has both short and long-term negative effects. Even if it is known that excessive consumption means more than five drinks per night, this may vary from body type to body type. Apart from the significant negative health effects, excessive doses of alcohol also affects your appearance as it is known for its many… many calories.
Reduce and even better, cut these habits from your everyday life and you will see some big changes in a small period of time. You will sleep better, your skin will get healthier and you will feel fresh and restful.

If you are concerned about your skins appearance, try boosting its collagen levels and moisturize it more often.
The key to anti ageing is healthy living and healthy feeling… because beauty starts from within!

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