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Intrinsic ageing (Internal ageing)

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Last updated: 4.58pm, Sunday 1st February 2015 by PureLogicol Editor

Ageing is a fact of life, your natural chronological and genetic ageing processes partly determine how well you age. The appearance of your skin is directly related to the way your skin is supported. Wrinkles form when the natural collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin diminish during the natural aging process.

After the age of 25, your body starts to deplete collagen at a rate of 1.5% every year. After this age, the skin’s ability to retain moisture and its renewal process decreases; this can result in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and a duller complexion.

Signs of intrinsic ageing:

• Depletion of collagen and elastin
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Spider and varicose veins
• Loss of fatty tissue
• Itchy or dry skin
• Brittle hair and nails
• Dull complexion
• Large pores
• Sagging skin
• Puffy eyes

While we can’t control our genetic programming, there are some steps we can follow which will help slow down intrinsic ageing:

• Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and re-hydrate the skin.
• Eat a well-balanced diet with a wide range of fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables and proteins.
• Sleep well! The body naturally repairs itself within the first 45 - 90 minutes of sleep. This boosts the skin and bodies renewal process.
• Don't smoke. Smoking robs the body of essential oxygen and nutrients.
• Avoid excessive alcohol which depletes the body of essential nutrients. It can also cause skin dehydration.
• Avoid excessive caffeine. Caffeine is a toxin which dehydrates the skin and robs it of essential nutrients.
• Avoid Stress which causes free radical damage and cell ageing. Prolonged periods of stress can also weaken the immune system.
• Exercise to help relieve stress and boost the body's circulation. This in turn boosts the skin and body's wellbeing.
• Take a collagen supplement to help boost the collagen in your body.
• Follow a good skin care routine to minimize the damage caused by intrinsic aging factors.

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