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Cellular Renewal Face Wash
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Start your day with skin radiance

This luxurious foaming wash contains a rejuvenating AHA and enzyme complex to help stimulate cell-renewal. The skin-purifying formula decongests pores and targets uneven skin tone.

Enriched with skin-comforting liquorice and magnolia bark extract, it leaves skin feeling soft, supple and glowing.

Deeply cleanses & purifies
Stimulates cell renewal
Brightens & evens complexion
Visibly reduces fine lines
Improves skin tone & texture



The formula is the perfect balance between nature and science. AHA - Alpha-hydroxy acids help with fine lines, irregular pigmentation and age spots. Zymo Clear Enzyme boosts cell renewal.

Other pure, natural ingredients include a range of exotic plant extracts, carefully formulated to sooth the skin and improve hydration.


Artificial perfume
Artificial colours


Use once or twice daily. Dispense a small amount on to moistened hands and work into a creamy lather. Massage gently over wet face and neck. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

AHA complex
Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) glycolic, citric and lactic acid – stimulate cell renewal and work to rejuvenate the complexion, reducing pigmentation and fine lines.

Zymo clear enzyme
The enzyme boosts cell renewal, helps decongest pores and breaks down unwanted impurities.

Pumpkin enzyme
By gently removing dead skin cells, the pumpkin enzyme boosts cell renewal.

Liquorice extract
A native of Europe and China, liquorice extract works on the skin as an effective anti-inflammatory.

Chamomile extract
Found in parts of Europe and Asia, chamomile flower extract is naturally rich in properties that reduce erythema, and help soothe irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin.

This ultra-refined elixir comes from prickly pear, a cactus which is rich in flavones, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It soothes, hydrates, firms and calms the skin.

Native to the mountains and valleys of China, these plants contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances with soothing and anti-aging effects, that counter redness in the skin and improve hydration. 

Comfrey roots and leaves contain allantoin, a substance that helps new skin cells grow, along with other substances that reduce inflammation and keep skin healthy.


Rating: 10 Lesley Docherty says: I've used PureLogicol skin care for a few years now. I especially love this new product. I have tried loads of different washes but never found one that I wanted to buy again until now. You only need one pump and it gives you loads to work with. I have noticed my face is fresher and smoother and it doesn't dry it out. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective daily face wash. *
Rating: 10 Laura Campbell says: This face wash is absolutely amazing. I suffer from adult acne which is mainly on my chin and cheeks. I've been using this product for 3 weeks now and my acne has almost cleared. I cannot believe how quickly this product works. My skin looks and feels wonderful!*
Rating: 10 Elaine Calderwood says: I was so pleased to see that PureLogicol had added a new face wash to their range of products and was even more delighted with its results. My face feels totally re-energised and I would have no problems recommending this product to anyone.*
Rating: 10 Victoria Marie says: Only a small amount is needed for each face wash giving good value for money. It has made my skin tone brighter and makes my skin look much more healthy.*
Rating: 10 Genna Hart says: The last face wash I used contained parabens and left my face in a mess. I noticed that this one does not contain any parabens and does exactly what it says, I won't be looking back anytime soon!*
Rating: 10 Debbie Ford says: I see a massive difference to my skin tone and it leaves a pleasant smell after use unlike many other products. Thank you.*
Rating: 10 Helen Down says: Skin feels fresh after use, Great!*
Rating: 10 Lizzie Bennett says: Reasonably priced considering the results it has been giving me, will be buying again.*
Rating: 10 Jennifer Farr says: Bought this for my Husband and he can't fault it, He uses it everyday morning and night and it makes his skin look great.*
Rating: 10 Shel McFarlane: says: I've used Purelogicol’s products for a few years now and have just started to add to my collection by buying some of their different products instead of the same one. I am pleasantly impressed with the face wash.*
Rating: 10 Maggie Slater says: Superb face wash, thanks!*
Rating: 10 Trudi Williams says: Smells amazing and has reduced my fine lines. Just the product I was searching for.*
Rating: 10 Emily Gilchrist says: Great product for everyday use, Very lightweight on my skin and washes off very easily.*

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