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Bathroom Rush

Shower and bath time are usually synonymous with relaxation and stress release. As such, you typically do not want to rush and hurry, when pampering your weather-beaten skin and savouring every moment.

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Posted 23rd Mar 2016

Your secret anti-ageing weapon: treadmill

The health benefits of exercising have been covered at length. The aesthetic benefits to your image and, subsequently self-esteem, have been highlighted, beaten over our heads and commemorated in many motivational posts on social media. Yet, exercising has one more benefit that does not always get the same coverage. And to reap these benefits, you do not necessarily need to get your body fat down to zero.

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Posted 8th Mar 2016

How to apply skincare

We have previously covered the proper way to apply eye cream (pat, pat, pat away, using ring fingers).

The order of skincare application has also been covered in depth before (from thinner to thicker consistencies, building up complexity, as needed).

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Posted 1st Mar 2016

Time To Blow Off Some Steam

Steaming is a simple and fairly outdated procedure in the world of aesthetics. It used to be the go-to prep step in your facial, which was needed to open up pores prior to extractions. But since those times, many aestheticians have resorted to more refined methods, preferring state-of-the-art chemical products to this “archaic” modus operandi.

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Posted 24th Feb 2016

Antioxidant 101: What is it and why do I need it?

Today’s tip is on the very famous term “antioxidant” and what it actually means for those of us that do not recall their chemistry curriculum from school.

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Posted 15th Feb 2016

5 Creative Uses Of Coconut Oil Outside the Kitchen

No natural ingredient has taken the beauty world by storm more spectacularly than coconut did in 2015. Let’s explore what the big deal is all about!

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Posted 9th Feb 2016

Multimasking-the beauty trend from 2015 we are happy to bring into the New Year

Let’s face it, sometimes more is more. Especially, when it comes to beauty care. Many of us are quite sophisticated in the beauty department and have long grasped the basics of daily skincare, as well as developed near-military precise “specialty” regimens.

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Posted 29th Jan 2016

How To Apply Eye Cream. Anti-Ageing Life Hack

The eyes are the windows to the soul and command a lot of attention. Today we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks that can prove life-altering, when it comes to caring for them.

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Posted 21st Jan 2016

Out with the old, in with the new (skin, that is)

Out with the old, in with the new (skin, that is)
Today, we will not explain to you why you should exfoliate your skin, as this is a discussion left for another day. Let’s assume that you are on-board, for the time being.

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Posted 13th Jan 2016

One home decor solution for better skin

We don’t often think of wrinkles, when making decisions about home decor.
And that is perfectly fine because what does your open-plan kitchen have to do with the frown lines that somehow ambushed you the morning after your 33rd birthday?

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Posted 5th Jan 2016

All skincare oils were not created equal

Hot on the footsteps of our previous beauty tip, let’s get one thing straight: all skincare oils were not created equal.

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Posted 29th Dec 2015

One miracle oil you need today

The health and beauty industry has shed tremendous light on a slew of oils in the past years. Many of these oils have received near cult following in the process. Entire haircare ranges were born and successfully marketed with Argan oil, as the main building block. And when it comes to the Holy Grail of all oils, coconut takes the prize by virtue of its omnipresence. From its teeth whitening properties to its alleged role in weight loss, this oil is in high demand by health and beauty enthusiasts across the world. Admittedly, it does give you the thickest and bounciest hair of your life.

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Posted 18th Dec 2015

How to Combat Puffy Eyes

We all know that getting enough sleep can do wonders for your health and, subsequently, your skin. However, at times, we throw caution to the wind and a late night or gluttonous weekend result in under eye bag puffiness one fine morning. How do we beat the bloat?

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Posted 7th Dec 2015

Eat well, live simply, laugh often - Part 2

Healthy food provides the body with optimum nutrition, which helps your mood and promotes a healthy and happy body! Here are some tips and suggestions to help you increase the antioxidant levels in your food.

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Posted 20th Nov 2015

Eat well, live simply, laugh often - Part 1

Good food equals a healthier skin and body! Here are some tips and suggestions to enhance the antioxidant protection of your body.

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Posted 3rd Nov 2015

“Facial exercises for a non-surgical face lift!”

Facial exercises are perfect for toning your face muscles, preventing your skin from ageing and keeping a fresh and youthful look.

The way you look is an integral part of self-confidence for both men and women. As years go by and the first wrinkles appear, facial yoga is an economical and easy solution for wrinkle lifting, firming, stimulating and toning. There are certain exercises that increase the proportions of oxygen and nutrients of your skin cells and restore the normal blood flow.
We gathered the top three exercises from the method Face Yoga Danielle Collins to get started:

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Posted 13th Oct 2015

11 precautionary measures against premature ageing

Precautionary measures against premature ageing.
Who said that you cannot predict your future? With the right precautions you, and only you, can prevent your skin from ageing too fast or from looking tired and wrinkled.
The more careful you are, the less your skin will lose its health and shine. You don’t need to worry about taking extra measures or giving up your favorite food. All you have to do is…

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Posted 21st Sep 2015

“The best beauty routine tactics”

Beauty routine and tactics: Fresh and radiant skin is a matter of a… beauty strategy. Your weekly routine should include the following:

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Posted 12th Aug 2015

Make up tips for mature skin

“Make up is art, beauty is spirit” The best look is a healthy look! The first thing you have to do to look younger is to take care of your skin, keep it well-hydrated and make sure you remove your makeup at the end of the day. That said, we give you the most quick and efficient make up tips for mature skin!

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Posted 1st Aug 2015

Best beauty tricks

Even if you are organized, some "crises" are inevitable. A broken fingernail, eye bags, a brand new pimple. But what matters most is what you can do at that time.

Here are some special tricks to help you through the most common beauty crises:

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Posted 26th Jul 2015

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