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Your allies against the cold and the flu

Last updated: Monday 23rd October 2017 by PureLogicol Editor

As we are entering the fall season, the temperature gets lower and lower each day. And when the cold weather is here viruses, colds and the flu are just around the corner.

There are various ways to protect ourselves against colds and the flu like washing our hands, maintaining healthy habits in our diet and exercise often. There are, however, certain foods that work as cold and flu fighters!

1. Cayenne pepper: this hot spice contains an ingredient called capsaicin, which can be beneficial for colds and flu.

2. Cinnamon: if the cold or flu is causing body aches or muscle pains, cinnamon has a warming effect and can help when the person is feeling weak.

3. Citrus fruits: fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit are considered potent anti-flu and anti-cold foods. The Vitamin C they contain boosts the immune system.

4. Ginger: it promotes sweating, which is a great form of natural detoxification. The sweat contains a compound called dermicidin which provides protection against bacteria.

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