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Is Toner Really Necessary?

Last updated: Thursday 19th May 2016 by PureLogicol Editor

It may get a little hectic to try and schedule all the steps your skincare requires after the “Big 30”. The cleansers, makeup removers, toners, serums and exfoliants all crowd your bathroom cabinet and are threatening to take over your life. And we did not even get to the moisturisers, sun protection creams and makeup!

The temptation is to skip one or two steps, which frequently ends up being the toner, for most people.

But next time you consider skipping on this intermediary step, think of why it is in there in the first place.

First of all, using a toner is a good test for you to assess how good your cleansing is, as whatever you failed to remove with the wash, will show up on the toner-soaked cotton ball. Of course, we recommend you only test this theory once and step up your cleansing ritual shortly after.

Eons ago, toners were meant to balance your PH-levels, as cleansers themselves were too harsh. Such extremes are a thing of the past with new gentle formulations, like Purelogicol Cellular Renewal Face Wash, for instance.

But most importantly, toner is the step that is crucial in prepping your skin to absorb the important, and often expensive, ingredients in your further skincare. It does so by creating a moist barrier on your skin, in itself packed with beneficial ingredients, as a bonus. Moist skin absorbs better than dry skin, making it somewhat like a dry sponge. Hence, toner ensures that all the skincare goodness you invest in gets ever so deeper.

So don’t skip the humble toner, find the right one for you!

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