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Banish the “orange peel”: dry brushing

Last updated: Tuesday 3rd May 2016 by PureLogicol Editor

Out of sheer curiosity, it would be interesting to know just how much money is spent by ladies across the globe trying to eliminate cellulite. Our bet is that the figure exceeds that of any other “beautification” process, including anti-ageing.

The dreaded “orange peel” is of course not possible to zap with magic potions and creams alone. No heating or cooling gel will help you remove the fat deposits deep within the skin, really. Genetics will never really be overwhelmed solely by the strict diet you embark upon.

Yet, the prognosis is not as bleak as it seems. Healthy eating, exercising, careful and regular skincare regime and some “add-ons” can help you get amazing results.

Today we want to unveil one of such “add-ons”. Specifically, the humble dry brush. It is exactly what it sounds like: brushing your skin, using a dry brush with hard bristles. It is typically done in circular motions prior to bathing or showering. Circular motions usually start at the outermost areas of the body and are aimed to approach the heart.

Except smoothing the skin, thus helping reduce the appearance of the dreaded cellulite, dry brushing has other numerous benefits:

1. It perks up your lymphatic system (hello, detox!)

2. It exfoliates the skin, making it overall more supple and glowing

3. It cleans clogged pores

4. It provides an energy boost
So get brushing and don’t forget to smother your skin in a nourishing lotion right after.

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