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Your Homemade Exfoliator

Many people desire to have flawless, baby soft skin and exfoliation is one of the ways to achieve that. Follow our tips for a hand-made exfoliation:

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Posted 19th Jan 2018

Pretty during Christmas

The festive season is upon us, bringing excuses to dress up and look pretty. Whether you're celebrating with friends or getting ready for work, you want to look fabulous all the time. Here are some things that you can add in your daily make up routine, in order to look pretty every single festive day!

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Posted 18th Dec 2017

Keep your skin healthy and glowing during the winter

It doesn’t matter how old you are and what your profession is, flawless perfect skin is a desire for every woman. When winter comes, it brings a lot of problems with it, such as dry and cracked skin. So here are some tips to keep you glossy, even when it`s cold!

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Posted 15th Nov 2017

A simple tip to get juicy, luscious lips

You want your lips to glow and look luscious? Try this smart and easy recipe:

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Posted 14th Nov 2017

Your allies against the cold and the flu

As we are entering the fall season, the temperature gets lower and lower each day. And when the cold weather is here viruses, colds and the flu are just around the corner.

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Posted 23rd Oct 2017

Make mornings your favourite part of the day!

Most of us find it difficult to leave our warm bed in the morning. There are, however, small tricks that you can apply to feel happier and more energetic in the morning.

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Posted 6th Oct 2017

Home remedies for red eyes

It may be because of your makeup, or perhaps you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, or you are very tired. The point is that you ended up with irritated, itchy eyes.

No need to worry as there are some smart home remedies to soothe eye irritation:

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Posted 29th Sep 2017

How to keep your tan after the holidays

Lazy summer days may be coming to an end but this is not a reason for you to lose your beautiful tan.

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Posted 7th Sep 2017

Say “yes” to bubble bath!

Not only is it fun, but it is also beneficial for our skin and health overall.

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Posted 28th Aug 2017

Summer changes in your make up

Changes are good and necessary. And when it comes to your make up you should remember these small changes you need to apply during summer.

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Posted 26th Jul 2017

Be smart...read skincare instructions

Each product is unique. This means that to know if it really works, each product must be applied the right way.

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Posted 17th Jul 2017

“Insta” care for fresh hair

There are cases where you really don't have the time to shampoo and dry your hair. As a result, your hair looks oily and dull. Well, now it is time to learn a secret for quick hair care.

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Posted 6th Jul 2017

Smart tip for your nail polish to last longer

Here’s a smart tip for beautiful nails with only one ingredient we all have in our house.

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Posted 12th Jun 2017

Wrinkle fighting for younger looks!

As time goes by, the elastic fibres of the skin gradually break down. The loss of elasticity is what makes gravity take effect, resulting in most women’s worst nightmare: wrinkling.

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Posted 26th May 2017

Give fuel to your body!

We are all constantly advised to avoid fat in foods we consume. Nevertheless, there are fats that are good for our health and work like fuel, which increase the body’s metabolism, leading to a better mood!

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Posted 8th May 2017

Nature’s beauty products only for you! Vol.3

Facial masks, serums and make up help your face look shiny and healthy. But what happens when you have no access to these beauty products?

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Posted 24th Apr 2017

Nature’s beauty products only for you! Vol.2

Even when, for some reason, you cannot use your favourite products for your beauty regime/routine, keep in mind that you can always follow the natural way. For example… The bottle of your favourite moisturiser cream is finished but you still have to be perfect on your date tonight. Remember the ancient Queen Cleopatra?

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Posted 27th Mar 2017

Nature’s beauty products only for you! Vol.1

Ran out of beauty products for your face and the shops are closed? Are you on a trip and you forgot your beauty kit? No need to worry. You may have your treatment any time with simple solutions that you can find in any place.

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Posted 6th Mar 2017

Is Toner Really Necessary?

It may get a little hectic to try and schedule all the steps your skincare requires after the “Big 30”. The cleansers, makeup removers, toners, serums and exfoliants all crowd your bathroom cabinet and are threatening to take over your life. And we did not even get to the moisturisers, sun protection creams and makeup!

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Posted 19th May 2016

Banish the “orange peel”: dry brushing

Out of sheer curiosity, it would be interesting to know just how much money is spent by ladies across the globe trying to eliminate cellulite. Our bet is that the figure exceeds that of any other “beautification” process, including anti-ageing.

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Posted 3rd May 2016

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